Central America

  • Costa Rica

    Coffee, Buoyant Birds &A Horse Named Butterfly. From the moment we arrived it felt different to the rest of Central America. The people were professional, there was organisation and tourism was taken seriously. Costa Rica has 5 million people and gets 2 to 3 million visitors a year. It is the most expensive country in […]

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  • Honduras

     Rural Heat, Spanish Speaking Parrots & Fiona. Entering Honduras was officially the easiest border crossing I have ever done. Not a rifle-carrying officer in sight and officials enthusiastically smiled and waved as we drove past. Ironically petrol stations and local stores are more heavily protected with guards and rifles. The exchange rate was 20 ‘Lempira’ […]

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  • Nicaragua

    Prison, overloaded boats & Sneaky Bugs The border crossing from Nicaragua was expedited by a sneaky “additional service fee” we happily paid. I found the idea of paying an underhanded, small bribe for quicker service quite amusing and really felt like we were experiencing authentic life in deep, dark, Central America. At border control there […]

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  • Guatamala

    Land of brightly coloured textiles, volcanoes & a special spider.   Guatemala aptly means ‘place of trees’. It has 15 million people, 40% of them are indigenous and 60% live in poverty. As we experience in Africa, there is a huge gap between the wealthy and the church mouse poor. Our time in Guatemala was […]

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  • Ladies making Palm Sunday crosses to sell on Easter Sunday.


    Land Of Mezcal Con Gusano, Never Ending Tacos  & Freddie The Grasshopper Snack.   I love that the traveling bug only every gets stronger the more it is fed. It had been my dream to explore Mexico for years. I had visions of a lazy sombrero wearing nation with tequila drinking gun fighters on the […]

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  • Belize

    Caribbean English Accents, Tropical Paradise & Forward People. Belize is located on the Northeastern coast of Central America. Bordered on the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. It is a small, tropical country with just over 300 000 people, the lowest population density in Central America. 60% […]

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