Cruise To  The Portuguese Islands


It was destined to be a 4 day party. 10 Mates plus 5 more friends coincidentally on a bachelors the same weekend. We all boarded the Melody cruise ship at Durban harbour to explore the Portuguese Islands. We lived on an abundance of carbs and ate at least 20 croissants a day. We had lovely rooms although we only ever visited them in the early hours of the morning. At night the guys played poker, we devoured a 5 course dinner, watched a somewhat porno cabaret show, visited the piano bar to listen to Jules sing, danced at the night club, pigged out on the midnight snacks and had several drinks on the deck. There was never a dull moment with an abundance of things to do on board.

A highlight was the day at the Portuguese Islands. We left the ship on small boats and spent the day lazing around on the beach under umbrellas with Portuguese beer and loads of sun. We spent most the day in the water and discovered HUNDREDS of star fish in different sizes and colours. This was amazing and so of course when you put a group of giggling girls together we were using them as bikini tops and hair decorations in no time at all, much to the guys amusement 🙂 Back on the ship that evening there was a topical party which we had bought colourful floral Hawaiian lays for. This was followed by the ‘room bar’ in Greg & Amber’s room with all the drinks we had snuck on board, which led to many laughs.

On Monday after docking we made the most of the days leave and headed off to uShaka for the day. After the dolphin show & aquarium we decided to give the rest of the fish a miss and headed to Moyo’s overlooking the sea for a long boozy lunch before flying home.

All in all it was a fantastic holiday and we were all too devastated to return home back to the real world. The people we went with made the trip fantastic.


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